OCTOBER 07-09, 2022

The Team...

Astrophile means someone “Who is fond of Star lore”. Astrophile Education Services is a science outreach brand based in New Delhi and is part of an organisation which is committed towards providing overall experience and expertise in the field of Astronomy and Space Sciences. AES has been in the field for Three years now but the team has experience of over 15 years in science popularisation. With interaction with over 60,000 students in past decade only, we do understand the need for astronomy education among the young ones.

The students always dream about going to space and wish to learn about Universe. Organisations like us are making possible efforts in promoting astronomy learning among the students which help shape the future of astronomy education at college levels and motivate students into the taking astronomy research as career option. 

Astrophile is committed in bringing innovation in to astronomy education in India. We are looking in to creating research opportunities for the students where they not only contribute towards the scientific community but also get the hands on experience in hw research is done. The outcome has motivated many to pursue deeper in to the field at higher levels by opting for a career in this field. And we wish to replicate the same in the future.

We have formed an Organising Committee  comprising of members from Astrophile, experts in science outreach and research. We are working together for the common goal of joint collaboration among the professional, amateurs and students in India.

Scientific Committee Members

Media Partners & Organisers

  • SipSci – Independent YouTube Science Channel, Podcast and digital content created
  • Rozerder Science – It is a YouTube channel known for its content related to science. They create videos explaining science, make biographies of Indian scientists, conduct interviews of scientists, entrepreneurs (working in science domain) and the researchers of new age. In short they are science communicators, communicating and popularising science for past 5 years. Follow them below for more information. You can visit and experience Rozender Science’s work on YouTubeFacebook, InstagramLinkedInTwitter