Khagol means Astro and Darpan means Mirror. Khagol Darpan is a conceptual mirror where a professional and an amateur astronomer are complimenting the other by supporting each other. They occasionally step into the other’s shoe and fulfil their responsibilities. The mirror where they see their other side.

Khagol Darpan is an initiative of Astrophile Education Services, New Delhi in which we try to bridge the gap between the amateurs and professionals in doing qualitative research and science outreach whereas to give a platform to young students and astronomy enthusiast to learn and explore the possibilities of starting early via participating or collaborating in research activities in the field of astronomy. The platform will also provide opportunity to organisations working in the field of science and astronomy outreach via their free and paid programs. Amateur astronomy associations, planetariums and science centres can also share their activities so that the enthusiasts and amateurs can learn more about the activities happening in their neighbourhood.

In recent past, there has been a surge in the contribution by Indian scientist and researchers in to global scientific research. At some level, the amateurs have also contributed to this filed by contributing with whatever equipment, skillsets and exposure they have in this field. While during the lockdown due to COVID-19 Pandemic a lot of professional astronomers and scientists have taken up the responsibility of science outreach and they have been interacting with the general public at regular intervals to educate them and interest them in the field of space sciences. While the online lectures are increasing, it still lacks the platform where they both can interact and collaborate for larger scientific reaches. Through Khagol Darpan, we anticipate to close the gap.

Khagol Darpan will be a 5 day event with amateurs and professionals sharing their experience and work. They will talk about how the young students and amateurs can be part of the field and what skills are required by them to start with. Also they will shed some light on how to gain this experience.